Utah Highway Patrol release dash cam footage of 12-year-old driver eluding troopers

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The Utah Highway Patrol released footage on Thursday of a police chase involving a 12-year-old driver on I-15. The chase happened in early March and ended with the girl’s brief arrest.

According to a statement from UHP, the 12-year-old driver took her mom’s car without permission on March 7.

Close to midnight, troopers got a call about a reckless driver on southbound I-15 near North Salt Lake.

KSL NewsRadio previously reported that a semi-truck driver called 911 to report what she thought was a drunk driver.

The semi-driver said the car was swerving and had no headlights.

UHP said speeds went between 40-70 mph during the chase.

Troopers eventually stopped the 12-year-old after an unsuccessful traffic stop and road spike deployment. The girl had made it to South Jordan by that time.

The young girl was arrested and later released to her parents.

Police have not released any information related to potential charges against the girl. The UHP did say that any charges would go through juvenile court.

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