Police find 'very upset goat' while responding to 'person' crying for help

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Police officers in Oklahoma who rushed to the scene of a "person" crying for help were left in fits of laughter after they discovered that the individual crying for help was actually a "very upset goat" who had been separated from its friend, police said.

Officers David Sneed and Neal Storey from the Enid Police Department in Oklahoma, initially received a report from a concerned member of the public that someone could be heard yelling for help in the area.

Upon arriving on scene, the officers heard the same faint cries of someone yelling in the distance.

"I think that's a person. That's a person" said Officer David Sneed as he began running toward "a distinct yell for 'help.'"

Body cam footage released by the Enid Police Department on social media show the officers running toward the cries for help, only to realize that they had made a "baaad" mistake.

"Running toward the sound, the two soon discovered their damsel in distress was a very upset goat, who, the farmer explained, had been separated from one of his friends," said the Enid Police Department.

"I didn't know if it was an animal or a person," said one of the officers as he approaches the farmer and begins to laugh about the confusion. "But, sure enough, we were walking over here, and I'm like, 'that's a person.' From a long distance, it sounds like 'help!'"

"Thank you, gentlemen. Your swift actions (although in the end not necessary) are appreciated by us all," said the Enid Police Department. "All in all, you really can't say it was that baaad of a call."

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