1   What CAN'T he eat? Meet the man who can eat everything and anything on the menu

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André Ortolf is one of Guinness World Records' most prolific record title holders, mostly because of his insatiable appetite for all things tasty and not so tasty!

Having held records for the Most peanut butter eaten in one minute and Most mustard (bottle) drunk in 30 seconds, the multi-record holder has expanded his ever-growing collection to a few more titles.

"I decided to break records because I need a challenge in my life, I like to overcome boundaries and train to go further and further and further," André said.

André decided it was time to attempt his two remaining titles for the Fastest time to drink 200 ml of mustard and Most baby food eaten in one minute – what a mix for the stomach! Though the mustard title has since been beaten by prolific record holder, Ashrita Furman, that day André consumed 200 ml of the condiment in just 15.69 seconds.

André has also expanded his record-title hunt to other areas. The German resident managed to swiftly achieve the Most jumpers put on in 30 seconds (team of two) with the help of his friend, Simona. With only five seconds to spare, the pair earned the title with a total of eight.

André also consumed 1,050 g (2 lb 5 oz) of baby food, surpassing the minimum by nearly 200 g.

While André is most known for his food feats, his first title was actually athletic based.

In 2013, he light-heartedly decided to attempt Fastest 100 m in clogs after a friend mentioned the record, and broke it by two seconds.

From that moment on, he’s been actively trying to break as many records as he can.

"Record breaking changed my life completely because I’m training nearly every day and all my friends and family are all involved because they are helping me. It’s a main part of my life."
To get an idea of André's other records, check out the list below:

Most Marmite eaten in one minute
Most jelly eaten with chopsticks in one minute
Most yoghurt eaten in one minute
Most envelopes torn in half in 30 seconds
Most cucumbers sliced from a person's mouth with a sword
Fastest time to arrange a chess set (team of two)
Most tennis balls bounced and caught blindfolded in one minute (team of two)
Most mashed potato eaten in one minute
Most single garland passes in one minute
Most soup eaten in 30 seconds
Most chocolate spread eaten in one minute
Most garland exchanges by a team of two in one minute
Most lemons caught blindfolded in 30 seconds (team of two)
Most lemons caught blindfolded in one minute (team of two)

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