Dallas PD body-cam shows an officer shoot, wound a man who stole a U-Haul truck, shot at the officer

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The Dallas Police Department has released body camera footage from a shooting involving a police officer on July 25.

The video showed the suspect driving recklessly through a neighborhood before entering the Tollway. The truck drives at high speed, weaving in and out of traffic, striking some cars. It also shows officers taking the man down after he shoots at them.

"He had no regard for human life. He tried to kill one of my officers," Dallas police Chief Eddie García said during a Friday news conference. "We are fortunate we didn't lose an officer that day."

It all started Tuesday when officers received reports of a stolen U-Haul truck in the Northwest Dallas area. García said a man driving the truck intentionally rammed the police surveillance car and took off. Following a short pursuit on the Tollway, the truck crashed into several more cars in the 7200 block of Lemmon Avenue, went over the center median and crashed into a tree on the west side of the street.

García said the suspect eventually jumped out of the truck and ran toward a private hangar area at The Frontiers of Flight Museum. The body camera footage confirms this.

"A CRT officer gave chase, and the suspect fired at the officer. The officer returned fire, hitting the suspect in the leg," García told reporters in an afternoon press conference on the day of the incident.

The suspect survived and was taken to a local hospital. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault on a public servant, with more charges potentially looming, according to García.

No police officers were injured during the incident.

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