Florida deputy survives getting sucked into storm drain, traveling 100 feet during severe storms

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An Escambia County Deputy who was sucked into a storm drain for nearly 30 seconds with another person during a severe weather storm remarkably survived — and his body cam footage captured the entire event.

On Friday morning, the deputy was on patrol helping stranded motorists caught in the rapidly rising waters. Body cam footage shows the deputy leaving his car to rescue a person who was stranded by their car during a torrential rain downpour.

When the deputy reached his hand underwater, he was quickly swept into the storm drainage pipe, along with the person he was attempting to rescue.

For nearly 30 seconds, the sound of muffled water could be heard as the duo traveled nearly 100 feet underneath Highway 98 before resurfacing on the other side of the roadway.

The two reunited at the surface, and the deputy can be heard yelling, "I got you" to the person he was rescuing.

A few seconds later, you can hear the deputy say, "Can you [expletive] believe what just happened to us."

The man who the deputy rescued replies, "I almost died" as he catches his breath following the near-death experience.

The two decide to stay put, worried that they could've gotten sucked in again.

Footage shows the duo describing to other officers what had just taken place.

Severe weather has ripped across parts of Central Florida over the last couple of days. On Friday morning, Ocala firefighters rescued a child who was trapped in their home after a tree fell onto the roof.

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