Weekend Cinema - The Night Mail 1936

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Caution: This is railway related malarkey of the nth degree - it is also the Full and unabridged cut so only watch if you are a Gricer, Rivet Counter, a member of the cognoscenti or you are an admirer of the genre...all others will fail to understand it and it will be a complete waste of your time so, to that cohort goes the sage words of Mr Whacko himself: 'Beat-it'.

Right, with that out of the way this old film was made by the GPO which ftwdk stood for The General Post Office...for a hundred years or more (-ish) the 'GPO' was the interface between public/legal... people/government dept interface and so on. Without the stamp of 'the GPO' the document (or whatever) was not duly legal so as can be seen the the GPO was the Big Boy with a great deal of clout...they made a series of films and here's one of 'em from the time (the 1930's) ten years before the world went mad and began a mass killing spree like no other. This was about the Royal Mail and more so the Travelling Post Office...for the hardy among us the detail and trivia leading up to the mail drops and pick up's is legendary stuff - even the sound is spot-on.... all the mailbags shown were made in prison industries and indeed still are... the verbal interplay between the Mail staff and the Guv'nor is awesome stuff..

So, with that said. relax back on an overcast Sunday afternoon and watch an old Weekend Cinema 'Z' lister.....

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