Elk Grove releases video of dog at risk of being euthanized biting officer

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The City of Elk Grove released new video of a dog at risk of being euthanized biting an Elk Grove police officer.

The video was released a few hours after the City released a lengthy statement, providing additional details surrounding the dog's case.

Faryal Kabir said animal control is planning to euthanize her dog, Zeus, adding that it's because the City alleges she didn't follow guidelines after her dog bit a man that it saw as a threat. She said Zeus also bit an officer when animal control arrived for a compliance inspection and tried to take him away.

In the process of impounding Zeus, she said he got scared and nipped one of the officer out of fear.

"He thought this is somebody that's hurting my mom, and so then he lunged at the police officer and I pulled him back but there's not any damaging puncture wounds, he just nipped him a little bit and that was it," Kabir said.

However, the City said Kabir wasn't able to control her dog and the bite tore through an officer's pants, leaving a wound and drawing blood from his leg.

The video shows the dog charging toward an officer and biting him on the leg. Authorities can be heard saying that the bite broke the officers skin and that Kabir didn't have control of her dog.

"To protect the public welfare and safety, the law provides that a dangerous animal must be humanely euthanized if the owner fails to timely comply with the dangerous animal regulations, or if it attacks, bites, causes injury, or otherwise threatens the safety of a person. Both of the violations occurred in this case, and the dog’s owner was cited for those violations," the city of Elk Grove said, in part, in a statement.

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