Bodycam released when Robert Brown dies in police custody after he cuts himself, tased

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The Office of the Inspector General is investigating after a police officer used a stun gun on a Wolcott man who was suffering from large cuts and later died while in police custody. A portion of a body camera video was released Friday.

Wolcott police responded to a home on Tyrell Drive early Tuesday morning for a report of a person experiencing a mental health crisis, according to the Inspector General.

Arriving officers were directed to a bedroom where they found Robert Scott Brown, 52, lying on the floor covered in blood, the IG said. He had two large neck wounds that appeared to be self-inflicted and appeared to have suffered from significant blood loss, the IG said.

When officers tried to help Brown, he became "combative," trying to push the officers away while holding a razor in his hand, according to the IG. He later took out a saw blade.

Officers told him to drop the blade, but he was not cooperative, the IG said.

Eventually, a stun gun was used. The IG did not identify the officer who deployed the stun gun.

Body cam footage released shows multiple officers discussing the potential use of a stun gun and that they were "out of options." The video cuts off shortly after officers entered the bedroom and the stun gun was deployed.

Brown was taken into custody and was then sent to an area hospital, where he later died.

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