Dash cam video shows car backs into Dayton cruiser, drives through crowd, sparking police chase

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Dayton police released dash camera footage of a car backing into a cruiser before driving through a crowd, which prompted a police chase.

Police on patrol encountered a gray Chrysler 300 around 11:50 p.m. Thursday, near Stewart Street and Hughes Place.

Video showed the Chrysler back into another cruiser as it pulled up behind the car. The car then went forward and ran over a curb. The car went through an apartment complex courtyard where multiple people were outside.

Another officer started a pursuit with the car at 11:51 p.m., according to police.

“There was little to no traffic in the neighbors and speeds ranged from 20 to approximately 50 mph,” according to a police statement. “The pursuit lasted less than three and a half minutes.”

The officer performed a precision immobilization technique, or PIT, maneuver, on South Broadway Street near Albany Street. The officer pulled up to the side of the Chrysler and hit the back driver’s side, according to video footage. The Chrysler spun around as a result, and came to a stop facing police. The male driver and female passenger both got out of the vehicle.

The man was arrested for failure to comply, felonious assault on a police officer and obstructing official business, according to police. He also was cited for driving under suspension and window tint. It’s not clear whether formal charges have been filed at this time.

No injuries were reported.

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