Body cam release of Daniel King, who died in police custody when trying to retrieve a dirt bike

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The state Attorney General’s Office on Thursday released footage detailing the scuffle and arrest of a Millville man who died in State Police custody this summer.

The July 8 footage from State Police body and vehicle cameras, along with audio from a 911 call and police radio transmissions, showed the moments Daniel King, 30, requested assistance from police, then became hostile toward the responding officer and assaulted him before being arrested. Additional footage showed the arrest, which included help from two civilians, the officers' struggle to get King in the back of a police vehicle, the drive to the station and King being brought into the station.

Authorities say King died from suffering a medical episode while in State Police custody.

About 7 p.m. July 8, Trooper Mark Allonardo arrived at Fordville Road in Fairfield Township to assist King, who asked for a police escort to retrieve a dirt bike at a residence.

Body-worn camera footage from Allonardo showed King handing the trooper what he said was the title to the bike. Allonardo told King the title did not have King's name on it. As Allonardo went to the front door, where King said a woman was inside, King refused to allow Allonardo to talk to the woman on his own, accused the officer of lying and then threatened to sue the trooper.

King pulled out his phone, asked Allonardo for his badge number and claimed the trooper was not helping him, video shows.

"I'm about to be a (expletive) millionaire," King said repeatedly while filming Allonardo.

King also was heard on the video asking for backup. Another man appeared at the end of the driveway, video showed. As Allonardo approached the man in an attempt to ask him questions, King continually interrupted.

King continued to get in Allonardo's face and at one point asked the trooper, "Can I kiss your boots?" King continued to shout about how he's become rich, will quit his job, and accused Allonardo of being racist.

The video shows the other man at the end of the driveway telling Allonardo that King was supposed to sell him the dirt bike once he retrieved it.

Eventually, Allonardo appeared to shove King away from him, telling him to get out of his face. He then requested backup.

"Let's fight. I'll take the charge," King said, taking a swing at Allonardo.

"Shoot me, (expletive)," King shouted toward Allonardo, who replied, "Nah, I'm not shooting you."

Allonardo pulled out his extendable baton and told King to turn around, video shows. King and Allonardo wrestled to the ground and into a fence, where eventually Allonardo was able to get on top of King. The police report said two civilians intervened and held King while he was placed in handcuffs.

Three members of the State Police responded to provide backup and assist in the arrest and transport of King: Troopers Zachary Reichenbach, Nicolas Salamone and Arturo Sanchez. Body camera footage from one of the responding troopers showed a bloodied Allonardo and the two civilians holding King down.

One of the responding officers asked Allonardo about the other man who claimed King was selling him a dirt bike, and Allonardo confirmed that man was not involved and fled the scene when the fight began.

After several more minutes of struggling on the ground, the troopers escorted King to one of their vehicles. King then proceeded to struggle with the troopers, who took about five minutes to get King in the back of their vehicle.

At one point during the struggle, King, who was lying on his stomach with his head sticking out of the vehicle, told one of the troopers he has kids.

"Listen, just get in the car for me," the trooper is shown saying. The trooper asked King to sit up and look at him, but King would not, telling the trooper he "was tired as hell."

Multiple troopers were shown trying to lift King into the vehicle with their hands on his arms, shoulders, neck and head. Footage from the inside of the vehicle on the way to the station showed King swaying in the backseat. He eventually lay down on the seat and began kicking at the window before knocking the backseat camera askew.

King was charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, and specifically causing bodily injury to Allonardo, and was transported to the State Police Bridgeton Station.

Additional footage showed troopers arriving at the station and carrying a mostly unresponsive King to a holding cell, where they cuffed him to the bench. King appeared to be unfocused and dazed during the process. Footage ended at that point, just before 8 p.m.

Time stamps on the footage showed the incident covered about 40 minutes.

At the station, King suffered a medical episode and became unresponsive, according to the police report.

Troopers performed lifesaving efforts before King was transported by EMS to Inspira Medical Center, Vineland. His condition continued to deteriorate until he died at 11:37 p.m. July 9. The manner and cause of King’s death are under investigation by the state medical examiner.

The investigation is ongoing, the Attorney General's Office said.

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