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If you take time out and read this article, I am not going against the education you have received from the system. Sometimes we have to do our own collection on the universe, and you will notice there are a lot of questions and no answers. I will check up on mankind when The way they discovered cars, bikes, computers, and a lot of what the doctor gave us to save our lives, I also checked on time travel, and most of all, I learned about air travel before they opened their surprises. Airports used to be places where people got lost in the sky because they did not have the right communication technology to know what was going on way up in the air. The system did a lot of "don't know yet" until they had the right experience to experiment with. 

I was looking at how many ships are at sea worldwide. Many of us know of the Bermuda Triangle. The storyteller says that when the ships enter that part of the water, they are gone from this world without returning because of the rules the world system has set for the water in that particular zone. I believe that on top of the water is a portal that leads to another world. Because of the protection of the population, the government thinks it is better to keep it a secret. In the time when the dinosaurs were living on earth, something happened that wiped them out, but I believe some of them escaped through the Bermuda Triangle portal, especially UFOs. You might call me sick or out of my mind if you stop and do your research after reading this in-depth knowledge article.
When we are in school, remember that they teach us what they want us to know. If someone speaks or writes anything about that, you will wake up. Darksiders, you want to think about this—how do you leave the Earth's space ship? Is that the only way off or Warp zone   tellportation technology   An airplane only takes you from one end of the earth to the other side of the earth, where we all live. I want to imagine traveling straight in the sky and not stopping. What would you be running from? I will tell you that because we cannot travel straight and get off the earth, we will be running to a different dimension, just as we are in the Bermuda Triangle. A lot of people go missing in the whole world system, which is set up as a no-fly zone, and sometimes when people go missing, I believe that other dimensions open a portal in the sky and take them to another world.

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