Body cam shows HPD officer shoots at suspect accused of running from stolen vehicle

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A 21-year-old man is in surgery after being shot in the leg by a police officer in the Gulfton area overnight.

The shooting happened after a short police chase that ended in the 5800 block of Bellaire Boulevard.

Houston police said the 21-year-old had a handgun, and the officer shot the suspect because he felt threatened.

Police said the man who was shot, and four other suspects, were in a stolen car that was spotted on Chimney Rock Road around 12:30 a.m. Monday.

When officers tried to pull the car over, a short chase began, police said.

HPD said the stolen car was followed from Chimney Rock to the 5800 block of Bellaire Boulevard, where the car pulled into a parking lot. Investigators said it is what happened next that led an officer to shoot one of the suspects.

"Two of the occupants of the vehicle fled from the vehicle. Officers pursued the suspects. One suspect had a handgun," Executive Asst. Chief James Jones said. "The officer felt threatened. The officer discharged his weapon four or five times, striking the suspect once, I believe."

The suspect was shot in the leg. Police said he was given immediate medical attention and taken to the hospital, where he is expected to be OK.

The suspect did not fire his gun at the officers, according to police.

The four other suspects were taken into custody.

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