How was my stay at the psych ward at St. Vincent charity medical center

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St. Vincent Charity Hospital Center, located at 2322 E 22nd St, Cleveland, OH 44115. I went there to go to the psych ward while I was sick, and transported to the mental ward against my will, as I came out of the emergency room at south pointe hospital in warrensville heights Ohio. I have some stories to tell in that place. Let me start out by telling you guys that I was in the place for about a month out of my life, and they wouldn't let me out of the place. I had to call the f.b.i on the hospital phone about 2 or 3 times from inside of the place, because they took our cell phones when we came inside of the ward. I wouldn't have even went inside of the place, but I didn't know that the transporter who drove me from the hospital at warrensville heights didn't tell me that I was going in a psych ward, they led me to believe that I was going to get a hospital bed for my serious health issues that I was having. I could barely walk in the place because I had just been to the e.r about 5 times ( about 3 months ago ), and I was in serious condition. The place had men and women, young and old of all ages. All of the staff who were black, treated very good in the place, the entire time. The staff that was caucasian, gave me a very hard time, at times. This one dude named Mike was serving the food , and I seen him making signals at another women before he gave me my food, that's when I knew that my accusations were correct, he was putting something in in my food. I told the staff and then they made him serve almost every night afterwards. I was very sick so I needed to eat at the time and I would throw my food out at times, so it made my time very troublesome. I even woke up one morning for breakfast and squeezed the top of my juice cup before I drunk it ( the plastic hospital drinks with the tin foil lids ) and I seen a little juice come out of it. I dit it in front of all of the patients on the floor too. And I arose attention from everyone at the food table what they were doing. I seen a hole in it amd I was saying how they could have stuck it with a needle 💉 and put some relaxant or something in it to calm me down. One day I needed something to eat very bad and the lad at the front desk on the psych ward floor that consist of one floor, with only rooms that the patients slept in, the front desk that watched the rooms, and a few other rooms from meetings and etc... well anywho, the women at the front desk wouldn't give me anything to eat and I am borderline diabetic, plus I had food there that I brought with me when I was transferred from the emergency room in warrensville heights, because I know how it is at hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, they do not give you too much food when you ask for it. She was very nasty to me as well. Mind you, none of the staff that was black bothered me the entire time. Even the security treated me nice. I gave lots of the staff my Tik tok page movie_star222 , that consist of negative things about hospitals I went to recently, at the time, things about the f.b.i, and other content. I even gave my Tik Tok page to a police officer inside of the psych ward, but to no avail. I gave my Tik tok page to my social worker assigned to me and my doctor as well. I went through a lot inside of that hospital. I remember how we would have groups where we would sing, and I would juggle, I liked that, it was fun. I got along with the patients in the hospital, for the most part. There was one time my big sis, I called big Katie was sitting with a lot of Caucasian males at the end of the table and they were intimidating, and one of them talked about the confederate flag in front of big Katie who was black too. So I then stepped in and held up the loyalty symbol that me and katie used in the place 👌, without any health to even stand up, I stood up for big Katie and blew a fuss on the dude talking about the confederate flag. I told him about being the only black person in the room or something like that, and got hostile with him in front of everybody, and he end up being pretty much quiet the rest of the stay. They kept me there longer than almost everyone who came and left the place except for one dude. I tried to pay a staff member there who wore green and took vitals in the morning 100 dollars to break me out of the place. I pulled her in my room and propositioned her, but she said no, very nicely, and kept her job. She was a slim porta Rican mid aged skinny women i think. I asked another staff member and he said no too. I went to court after being inside of the place so long, because my doctor who was a caucasian women, not too old though, and she would let me out of the place. I tried everything to leave because I had bad health and I could get the health care I needed, because they wouldn't give me any health care inside the place, but if I got out I could have helped myself, which I did in the long run. I didn't wanna die inside of that place. I was taken to court in the end when I refused to sign the papers to be admitted voluntarily. I was in the room with my doctor's, and the law people who were all Caucasian. You guys should know how that went. The doctor got to lying on me. Saying all kind of stuff about me about the f.b.i and being possessed by the devil and etc.. which was was true, but some of the other stuff was lies. As soon as I got to talking to the law people ( who has a tape recorder in the room inside of the psych ward where we had the meeting ) about cops in warrensville being pedophiles, they kicked my black ass out of the room like I was trash and ended the court meeting themselves, and I end up staying longer. Before I go. I also put a sign on my door about dusty jeans and sneakers, and me catching Petty's online so that you younger people would leave me alone in the place. The younger crowds still talked to me in there with the word pedophile catcher on my door. I was advertising a segment that was coming on the news in a few days about sexual predators. When the episode finally came on, I took it off of my doors. They had fun listening to me about dusty jeans and sneakers in the place though

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