Officer Ferara saves child who suffered a medical emergency at LAPD Harbor Station

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Body cam video on an LAPD officer shows the frightening moment a baby had stopped breathing and needed CPR.

The video is difficult to watch, but viewers should know the child survived and is expected to make a full recovery. The LAPD shared the scary incident on Twitter, but did not give information about the child or his age.

The incident took place Tuesday afternoon at the Harbor Station, as Officer Ferara was meeting a community member. Suddenly, a parent who had been waiting in the station became panicked and started running through the lobby carrying the child, who wasn't moving.

The officer took the child, and his body cam shows he began to perform CPR with the baby facedown in his arms. He patted the baby firmly on the back, then took him into a bathroom where the child's father splashed water on the baby's head and back.

Eventually, the officer lay the child on the floor, where the boy's body jerked as he struggled to breathe. The boy was turned on his side as an ambulance was taken to a local hospital.

"These moments happen in a blink of an eye," the LAPD said in the tweet. "It's never too late to learn first aid."

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