Detroit release videos when 1 person is shot after a fight during a funeral repass

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Detroit police say a funeral repass on Friday turned violent after one person was shot following a fight.

The shooting happened at about shortly after 7 p.m. in the 18300 block of Van Dyke. Assistant Detroit Police Chief Charles Fitzgerald said a fight involving a large crowd occurred inside the banquet hall and carried over to the street.

Officers, who were initially called for the reported fight, found a man with a gun in his hand and took him into custody. Police said one person was shot in the stomach and is listed in critical condition. Another weapon was found near the injured person.

Fitzgerald said a preliminary investigation revealed that there was a brief chase and an officer fired shots. It is unclear if the person who was injured was shot by the officer or during the fight.

Fitzgerald said the repass was for a woman who was killed in a hit-and-run incident on Oct. 1. Authorities are still investigating that incident, which happened in the area of Grand River and Patton.

"We're supposed to be celebrating someone's life. Not fighting in the middle of Van Dyke and shooting each other in the middle of Van Dyke," Fitzgerald said. "It's tough, and it's unfortunate that we bring guns to these things. We don't need guns at a repass. Come celebrate this woman's life. And then it turns into this ... It's tragic."

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