Flaming skies.

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This footage was filmed in the north of Russia, in the Murmansk region (the cities of Murmansk, Khibiny, Apatity).

Among the northern peoples of Russia, Northern light is called 'pazori'. There is a popular belief that crimson pillars playing on pals are nothing more than a visible manifestation of prayers offered up to God by unknown righteous men ('righteous prayer walks into the sky with pillars of fire').

This phenomenon often appears in Karelia or Chukotka, but if you want to save a lot, then the northern regions of the European part of Russia would be ideal options. For example, the Arkhangelsk or Murmansk regions. However, do not forget that it is better to choose not the capitals of these regions themselves, Arkhangelsk or Murmansk, but any small towns nearby.

You can also watch the northern lights in the Komi Republic. It is not uncommon to see this amazing phenomenon in the capital of the republic, Syktyvkar. This is a big city, so it is better to go to a smaller town, where the view of the aurora will be much more impressive.
The village of Khatanga is located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory in the very north of Russia. And we do not forget the rule: the farther north, the better.

Also, sometimes the northern lights can be seen in Moscow and St. Petersburg, in October 2021 it was filmed in Ryazan.
Prior to that, in the Ryazan region, the northern lights were observed in March 2015.

Sound - the old Soviet group 'Zodiac' (Riga, Latvia) with the compositions 'New Zodiac', 'Provincial Disco' and 'Silver Dreams'.

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