Norman Police released bodycam video from the 'swatting' incident at the University of Oklahoma

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Norman Police Department released body cam videos from the 'swatting' incident at the University of Oklahoma back in April.

Swatting situations involve callers faking an emergency that draws a large response from law enforcement.

In one of the calls, the caller told the dispatcher he found a note from his son saying he had to "go to the university and shoot everybody." The caller also reported that all of his guns and ammo were gone.

Norman Communications also received a call from someone who said their name was Emily. They told the dispatcher they were at the South Oval and saw a man running around with an AR-15. The dispatcher asked what the person with the gun looked like.

"He's a man. He's six feet tall, around 6 ft. tall. coat. AR-15," the caller reported, just seconds before what sounded like gunshots went off in the background and the call appeared to drop.

Norman Communications received another call from the same caller who claimed to be hiding in the library. The dispatcher asked if they could still see the suspect, but the caller said no.

"Okay, you guys stay down. Stay hidden. Do not get up, okay?" the dispatcher said. "If they come back near you, you stay on the phone with me. Is anyone hit?"

The caller told the dispatcher that their friend had been shot in the stomach and the leg.

"Okay. Be as quiet as you can. I've got help on the way. Where in the library are you?" the dispatcher asked.

"I can't really tell you. I don't really know," the caller replied.

"Okay, try the best you can. Are you at the entrance? Are you upstairs, downstairs, where?" the dispatcher asked.

As she finished her sentence, another two gunshots could be heard in the background. Moments later, the caller claimed their phone was going to die.

More than 100 officers from multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the university in response to the calls.

About 90 minutes after the initial call, an all-clear was given and no threats or victims were found.

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