Authorities release 'bone-chilling' video of shooting inside Fort Worth bank

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Newly-released video shows a man shoot a Tarrant County Sheriff's Office deputy who was uniformed but off-duty, working security at a Fort Worth bank.

Fort Worth police chief Neil Noakes described the bank's security footage on Monday as "bone-chilling."

The video shows 35-year-old Leland Williams rush the Fort Worth Community Credit Union's counter and fire a handgun at deputy Brent Brown from nearly point-blank range. Noakes said it is safe to assume Williams intended to rob the bank.

Noakes said Williams had asked to open an account under a false name before leaving the teller's desk and rushing back with a gun drawn.

Williams fired four times, striking Brown twice in the upper-body. Sheriff Bill Waybourn said one bullet passed over Brown's vest and hit his lung.

A week after the shooting, Waybourn said Brown is walking and making "daily progress." Brown remains hospitalized at JPS in Fort Worth.

"He says 'I am ready to come back' his attitude is incredible," Waybourn said. "To quote his mother: 'We know all those quick hands stabilized and saved his life."

Despite suffering wounds authorities described as "mortal," Brown got off the floor and fired 12 times at Williams. The 35-year-old shooter escaped uninjured.

About 30 minutes after the shooting, police arrested Williams at a relative's home near the bank. Noakes credited neighbors for guiding authorities to the appropriate location.

"This could've turned out much worse," Noakes said.

Fort Worth police arrived at the bank about one minute after someone called 911 to report the shooting. Noakes and Waybourn credited Brown's survival, in part, to that fast response.

Body camera video shows a responding police officer hurdle the bank's counter to render aid.

Williams is charged with attempted capital murder of a peace officer. He remains in the Tarrant County Jail and has a $1 million bond.

Waybourn said Brown is eager to return to work, though there is no timeline for his recovery. Brown is still connected to a tube, helping to drain fluid from his lung.

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