Charlotte Area Transit System releases surveillance video of a shootout with bus driver & passenger

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CATS released a video of a shooting that happened on a bus last week.

The release of the video comes days after CATS interim CEO Brent Cagle provided details of the shooting during a press conference.

Separately, video of a stabbing on a CATS Gold Line train was also released this week.

The video of the shooting released Friday shows four different viewpoints of the incident, including a view of the driver, the front half of the passenger area, the back half of the bus, and an outside view.

A passenger from the rear of the bus approaches the bus driver and asks him to let him off the bus before a stop, and Cagle confirmed during the press conference that is what led to the altercation.

Two other passengers are also shown in the video, for a total of four people on the bus.

The driver continues on the route while the passenger argues with him, halfway through the video the man pulls out a handgun and the female passenger starts moving towards the rear doors.

The driver pulls out a handgun after the passenger did, and as the man moves up toward the driver with the gun in hand, the driver and the passenger exchange shots. The two other passengers take cover in the rear of the bus, and the passenger who was shot crawls towards the back exit.

As the bus driver stops the bus, the driver continues to point his gun at the passenger and fires an additional shot at the man.

After the passenger with the gun steps off the bus, the driver walks outside and fires one more shot before the video ends.

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