Kids steal, damage car and ride through Clayton County apartment complex

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Body camera footage shows that five kids were arrested after police said they stole a car from a College Park apartment complex on Wednesday.
Clayton County Police Department said they received a call that a suspicious car speeding through an apartment complex around the 600 block of Riverdale Road. According to the department, six kids between the ages of 12 and 17 were inside the stolen Kia car with a damaged window.

Video footage of the incident released by the Clayton County Police Department shows the six kids running from the officer and around the apartment complex. Clayton Police were able to catch five of the six kids.

Investigators with Clayton County Police later discovered that the kids had stolen the car from the complex, breaking into it by force and damaging the ignition in the process. The five kids who were caught were subsequently charged with theft by taking a motor vehicle, theft by receiving, and entering an auto.

The department has also made efforts to contact the parents of all the children involved in the incident.

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