Major Earthquake Strikes Ecuador on Sunday March 19, 2023

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6.8 Magnitude Earthquake just struck Ecuador on Sunday March 19, 2023 it did a lot of damage to Buildings and it brought down power lines and Snapping tree branches in half and Snapping Telephone Poles in Half and it damaged Buildings and properties and it knocked out power and knocked the groceries over in Ecuador and it brought tidal wave on the Coastal Areas of Ecuador near the Peru Border i want Everyone in Ecuador to be prepared for the next Major Earthquake lock your dishes in your cupboards and if you are inside go underneath the Tables and chairs and when you are outside don't go inside the buildings during an Earthquake it can knock out power and internet have your medical kits emergency kits flashlights candles crank up radio extra batteries generators battery operated Lanterns and bottled water ready as well. Earthquake can damage bridges and it can damage roads as well. If you have anybody living in Ecuador Be Prepared for Major Earthquake sometime in the future Stay Safe.

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