Bodycam video released of officers shooting, killing suspect at Grove City Home Depot parking lot

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The Columbus Division of Police released body-worn camera video on Tuesday showing officers fatally shooting a man wanted for rape out of Athens County.
Police said officers were attempting to serve an arrest warrant for 46-year-old Bret Andrews at the Home Depot on Stringtown Road in Grove City on Sunday.

Bodycam video from one of the officers, later identified as Matthew Liford, shows him driving into a parking spot, getting out of his vehicle and pulling out his weapon. Liford can be heard telling Andrews, who is sitting in the passenger seat of a parked car, to put his hands up. The officer can be heard saying Andrews was reaching before he and another officer fired their weapons. The video shows Liford firing three shots, while another officer fired at least five shots.

Bodycam video from officer Robert Cutshall begins after the shots were already fired. Cutshall can be heard saying Andrews has a gun next to his right hand, while other officers break the vehicle's window to get him out.

Sgt. David Scarpitti said a gun was recovered from the scene.

The video shows officers dragging Andrews out of the vehicle. An officer can be heard saying Andrews has one gunshot wound to his arm and chest, while another officer is heard saying there is a wound to Andrews' head as well.

Andrews was taken to Grant Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead about 30 minutes after the shooting.

Court records say Andrews was wanted for felony rape.

The driver of the vehicle that Andrews was shot in was put in handcuffs, but it's unclear if he was arrested.

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