Surveillance and bodycam video shows NYPD officers fatally shoot man threatening to hurt woman

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The NYPD says officers shot and killed a man in Brooklyn late Thursday night after he allegedly opened fire on them.

It happened around 10 p.m. near the corner of West 36th Street and Neptune Avenue in Coney Island.

New video shows a deadly encounter between police and a gunman in Brooklyn Thursday night.

CBS2 has obtained the video. We've also just learned the suspect has been identified as 42-year-old Jermaine Hickson from Manhattan.

Police believe it all began with a domestic dispute late Thursday night, which turned into a shootout with officers and ended in the suspect's death.

The surveillance video obtained by CBS2 News shows a man standing in the crosswalk at West 36th Street and Neptune Avenue in Coney Island on Thursday night.

An NYPD squad car pulls up, and as the doors open on both sides, the man puts up his arm and fires at least three shots.

Video shows the police return fire, and the man falling to the ground. Once on the ground, he continues to fire off rounds at the cops.

"He continues to fire at officers and then eventually he stops. Our officers are able to close in on him, they subdue him, they handcuff him, and they start rendering aid," said NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey.

Hickson was pronounced dead. A gun was recovered from the scene.

Authorities say this all started when patrol officers heard gunshots around 10 p.m. Thursday. They followed the sound and found two women who said there was a man down the block with a gun, so they drove over.

"The impetus for this male being in the street firing a gun is a domestic violence job, we believe. We believe the two females that initially waved down the sergeant are the victims in this case," Maddrey said.

The video shows a person in blue on the left of the screen who the suspect appears to be arguing with. It's not clear who that person is.

The video then shows the suspect starts shooting as soon as the officers open their car's doors, and even when he eventually falls to the ground, the suspect continues, rolling back and forth on the sidewalk, then sits up and starts shooting again.

Those two women were brought to the police station to be interviewed in this case. Their account as well as this video will help determine exactly what happened on that Coney Island corner.

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