Richmond police release body-cam footage from deadly officer-involved shooting

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Richmond Police released body-worn camera video that showed an officer shooting and killing a man, later identified as 20-year-old Kenneth Sharp, on March 31 in Richmond, Virginia.

The video released by Richmond Police begins with a 911 call during which someone tells dispatch they saw a man, who appeared to have a gun, banging on and lying atop a car along the 1900 block of Cedar Street.

The caller said the man eventually got into the car.

When the first officer arrived, the video released by police showed him approaching the car.

He later told the second officer that he saw a man and a woman who appeared to be asleep inside the vehicle.

After a brief conversation, the officers approach the vehicle again.

The first officer is seen knocking on the passenger window.

Sharp, who was in the passenger seat, opens the door and is seen picking up and then holding an AR-style rifle.

As the first officer retreats, Sharp begins to get out of the car with the gun.

The video becomes more difficult to watch due to the darkness and distance, but the first officer is heard ordering Sharp to drop his weapon. But before he finishes his command, the officer fires multiple gunshots, killing Sharp.

As the first officer radios in for help, the second officer tends to the woman in the driver's seat.

She seems unaware of what transpired.

"What happened?" she asked as police made sure she was OK.

"Once a full investigative report is complete, the report will be submitted to the Office of the Commonwealth Attorney. Following the determination from that office, RPD will conduct an internal policy review. Per department policy, the officer who fired his service weapon is on administrative leave with pay," Richmond Police Chief Rick Edwards wrote in a statement about the incident. "
The goal of releasing CIB videos is to increase transparency and trust as the Richmond Police Department continues to work with various stakeholders to provide a clear and unbiased account of critical incidents to the community."

The entire encountered last about three minutes.

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