Michigan State helicopter follows a stolen vehicle and helps with the arrests

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MSP units located the vehicle, found the stolen vehicle, confirmed the plate, and attempted a traffic stop. The suspect vehicle fled, a brief pursuit ensued before being terminated.

Trooper 2 continued to follow the stolen vehicle.

After driving recklessly throughout the city of Detroit, the vehicle eventually stopped and 2 suspects ran from the stolen vehicle. Trooper 2 followed both suspects, and they were apprehended, hiding inside a garage.

A weapon was recovered with the 16 and 15-year-old suspects from Detroit. The weapon was stolen out of Alabama. During the vehicle search, 2 .40 cal shell casings and 1 7.62 shell casing were located in the suspect vehicle.

After reviewing Trooper 2’s video footage, as the juveniles were running away from the stolen vehicle, one of the suspects was seen throwing what appeared to be a gun into a residential backyard, before entering the garage they were found hiding in.

Troopers went back to the address of where the possible gun was thrown (Archdale St.) to canvass. A Glock “ghost gun”, equipped with a “Glock switch” and extended magazine, was located where Trooper 2’s video showed. The juveniles were lodged at the juvenile detention center.

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