Milwaukee released bodycam video that shows officers justified in a deadly officer-involved shooting

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The Milwaukee Police Department on Friday, Dec. 30, released information and video regarding an officer-involved shooting that happened near North Avenue and North Booth Street on Nov. 14.

A report released on Monday, Nov. 14 details that upon responding to a welfare check at a residence in the area, the responding officer noticed the deceased body of a 75-year-old Milwaukee woman. Officers then reportedly attempted to detain the 31-year-old man who allowed the officer into the residence, which resulted in the man allegedly resisting.
Police say the man "armed himself with a pole and a weight," and when he refused to drop the items, the officer discharged his firearm and shot the man.

The incident was captured on body camera.

The officer involved, a 24-year-old man with over four years of service, was placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

On Dec. 5, the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office found that the officer’s use of force was justified.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office issued criminal charges against the suspect.

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