0   Bossy ‘gangster’ dog refuses to let cars drive through its territory

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This is the hilarious moment a bossy dog refused to let cars drive through its territory.

The pet pooch was seen approaching different cars to stop them moving onto its ‘patch’ in Saraburi province, central Thailand.

Onlooker Phimon Rueangdet said he drives through the area and stopped to record the dog, which he likened to a gangster protecting its land.

He said: ‘I always see the dog blocking cars whenever I drive on this road. Sometimes it just walks to my car and just stops in front.’

Phimon said the dog’s owner runs a nearby food stall selling fried bananas. He told him that the dog is a five-year-old Aspin breed named ‘Tam’.

The driver added: ‘He’s like a guard dog protecting his land. But nobody has taught him that the road doesn’t belong to him.’

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