Country City Born Growing Problem: Replacements You Need to Jump On

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When you are born in a city under the control of the government, you have to have a mind of your own to rise above the rules and control around you at all times. Many of us were born and never checked the education we were given. We get attached to the wrong way of life and never live the way we were meant to live. youtube.com/channel/UCFg7deEam3tdg1j1Rp8oZng

If you do a search in the city or country to see who created the money system, you will have a better understanding of this video I created. I need you to look at the set up of every race running business. If you live in a country with many nations, it is easy to see who is in the forbidden locker of the fuddy-daddy. allmylinks.com/styafiya?

I have lived in Jamaica, Queens, New York for more than twenty five years. Growing up here opened my mind to different races, ambitious movements, and how they dealt with business in my community. I started my first own business, me and my other partner, trying to change the way people dance to music. bhalo.co.place

Yes, my people. My first business was a record label that went by the name "Locket Records." I learn that when you are doing anything new in another country, you have to be strong and brilliant to learn to deal with the loss of most real unity.

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