Police shoot, kill man armed with screwdriver near Flagstaff Mall

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Police shot and killed a man near the Flagstaff Mall early Wednesday morning, the city's police department said.

Officers arrived at the scene near the intersection of Cummings Street and Highway 89 after a burglary alarm sounded at VP Racing Food Mart, police said. The man, who has been identified as 51-year-old Donald Wayne Henry of Missouri, was allegedly trying to burglarize the business and was armed with a screwdriver.

Police attempted to deploy a taser before the man fled on foot. Officers and deputies chased after him until they surrounded the man, police say.

Henry allegedly ignored verbal commands and charged toward one of the deputies while holding the screwdriver. The deputy reacted by fatally shooting the man.

An officer simultaneously deployed a taser at the same time shots were fired, police say.

No officers were injured in the shooting.

Lieutenant Charles Hernandez says crimes in the Flagstaff area are on the rise.

“We have seen an increase in property crime, but more importantly, we’ve seen an increase in violent crime as well in the city," Lt. Hernandez said.

Investigators from the department and the Coconino County Sheriff's Office have closed North Cummings Road indefinitely and restricted Highway 89 to two lanes while they survey the scene.

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