Bodycam, security video show scuffle between man and officer in Youngstown Police Department’s lobby

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Body camera and security footage released Tuesday show a man attacking a city police officer last week in the lobby of the police department.

Keishaun Sims, 27, of Austintown, was arrested for the attack last Thursday. He is presently in the Mahoning County Jail on charges of aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony; two counts of assault on a police officer, a fourth-degree felony; and misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest and obstructing official business.

He remains jailed after his bond was set at $100,000 during his arraignment in municipal court. He is expected to have a preliminary hearing Friday.

In the video, Sims comes to the lobby and asks an officer who is working at a front desk if he can speak to the chief or a “manager.”

The officer told Sims that he needs to make an appointment to speak to the chief or anyone else, and Sims balks and talks about a “manifestation.” The officer then tells him that kind of talk tells him that perhaps he has a mental problem, which upset Sims.

Sims told the officer to say that to his face, and the officer got up, walked into the lobby and told Sims several times he had to leave. Sims replied, “Make me.”

When Sims told him to call him mental again, the officer said, “You called me retarded.” The officer then said, “You’re mental,” and Sims attacked him.

Sims managed to knock the officer down, and the officer had his gun pulled and Sims tried to get it before other officers arrived and managed to handcuff Sims. He then insulted those officers.

The officer was taken to St. Elizabeth Health Center to be examined but, has since, returned to duty.

A statement from the police department said they are studying the encounter very closely and are mulling over whether to add more training to officers to learn how to de-escalate similar situations.

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