Clayton County police dashcam shows roll over crash, officer helping the driver out of the vehicle

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A Clayton County Police officer recently stepped in to help a driver after he was the victim of a scary wreck that turned his car on its side - and it was all captured on dash cam video.

CCPD posted the video Tuesday, and you can watch it in the video player above. In the video, you can see an SUV traveling through an intersection with a green light when it's sideswiped by a sedan that, the video explains, was running a red light.

The back of the SUV is forced onto the hood of another car and flips over, coming to a rest on its passenger side.

You can then see the officer stopping and running out of his patrol vehicle. The video describes the victim, a man, as elderly, and it shows Sgt. J. Davis climbing onto the car to reach in and help pull the driver out.

The video ends with a photo that shows the victim appeared to be okay.

"Thank you Sgt. J. Davis for your dedication to service," it states.

There was no word on whether the driver of the sedan, who caused the crash, would be facing any charges.

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