Raw bodycam: LMPD releases bodycam from incident where officers shot suspect who raised gun at officers

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Louisville Metro Police released body cam footage Tuesday of an officer-involved shooting that happened in October.

Officers shot 38-year-old Sylvester Price last month while responding to a break-in on Garland Avenue in the California neighborhood.

Police say Price was shot after he allegedly raised a gun at four officers after ignoring their commands to drop his weapon.

LMPD said the incident began when a woman called 911 from the home in the 2500 block of Garland Avenue to report a break-in. That's in the California neighborhood.

The woman said that she was hiding in the house with her two small children.

As officers approached the house, they said they could hear a man yelling for help inside the home.

Officers then went to the back into the house and saw Price with blood covering his hand walking around inside.

They briefly spoke with him through the back door until they couldn’t see him. That’s when they say they tried to get inside.

Before they could enter, however, the subject broke a side window and jumped out.

They say they saw a gun in Price's hand in a neighboring backyard and gave him verbal commands to drop the weapon.

He can be seen calling for help, saying "Help me!" to which the officers reply they will help him if he drops the gun.

Price did not comply and ran away while officers continued telling him to drop the gun.

He led officers on a foot chase to the 800 block of South 26th Street, where officers say he pointed the gun at them.

Several of the officers then fired their guns at Price. He was hit a few times and went down.

The officers can be seen immediately rendering life-saving aid, identifying where he was hit and applying chest patches until medics could arrive and take him to UofL Hospital.

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