Body cam footage shows Wabaunsee County deputy finding cat, man following tornado

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The Wabaunsee County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page posted body cam footage on Thursday of the aftermath of Tuesday’s deadly EF3 tornado in Westmoreland.
The body cam footage is from Wabaunsee County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chase Stallbaumer. He took part in the search and rescue following the tornado.

In the video, he finds a cat and reunites it with its owner. He also finds a man and helps render aid.

Stallbaumer: “What about animals?”
Unknown man: “There’s a lady in a purple shirt talking about a lab.”
Stallbaumer: “A lab? OK. There’s a cat right there.”

Stallbaumer’s body cam footage shows him going up to the cat and picking it up. In the video, he states the cat is fine. He walks over to a girl who says it is her mom’s cat. He hands the cat off to her. She is crying.

The video cuts to another area Stallbaumer explores.

Stallbaumer: “No, I’m just looking in the creek just to see if there’s anything down here.”

He can be seen climbing down a pile of fallen tree branches.

The video then cuts to when Stallbaumer finds the man.

Deputy Stallbaumer: “Um, who’s that?”

He is seen pointing to the man as he says that. He then begins jogging over to him.

Stallbaumer: “Hey buddy, are you OK?”

He yells for “Rob.”

The video cuts to Stallbaumer over the man. He is with two others, helping the man. The video then ends with the text “LOVE & PRAYERS.”

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