Building Hinkley Point - the UK's First Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor

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Caution : Extremely labour intensive.. only attempt if you're an RC (rivet counter) 'Interested bod', 'cognoscenti' or 'admirers of the genre .', if you aren't of that following you'd do well to pass on this - this ain't for you sorry (as if) anyway, I know there's one or two (literally) who do like the subject of large scale building/engineering/nuclear related and even dare say Rail Related malarkey so here's the last 10 minutes of part one tacked on to the front of part two of building Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station in 1967. The first part just dealt with the drawings and the land scaping etc so I took it from just getting the reactor being installed. Remember, back in those days many people had never heard of it and preferred to just carry on using coal but the government had actually said that nuclear power was the way to go forward and that 'the electricity would be too cheap to meter'! Also, where it was mentioned it was cloaked in secrecy and obfuscation..it seems quite odd that secrecy notwithstanding the men were just a step up from Donkey Jacketed road and city builders (indeed, the men came from Taylor Woodrow who after this rebuilt Birmingham's City Centre 'The Bullring'. The engineering expertise came from Babcock and Wilcox one of the countries premier makers of precision engineering and such. For those so interested here's a behind the scenes look at building Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station.. it took about ten years to build and was the UK's first Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor - whatever that means.. it fired along with very little to no major problems for about 45 years and was only turned off last year (2022).
If none of the above grabs ya then leg-it from here...I cannot be held responsible if your sensitivities are harmed in any way...and, as usual, do what Whacko would have done.....

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