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I found this very interesting in many respects. Imagine if you took this to your local Truck dealer to have this work done...it'd probably go to one named mechanic who would work on it for a week or so - after waiting your turn to get in the workshop... here up to half a dozen men and boys (learning their trade) work on it at the same time and the job can be done in one day at a fraction of the cost and it could be back on the road earning it's keep the very next day. Another point...imagine that same blue-overall-ed mechanic removing the roller bearings from the shaft/spindle...he'd probably have some fancy jig or bearing puller available wheres the Pakistani counterpart in the Dirt Floor Repair Facility just bangs the shaft on the floor and off it pops (02:41-ish) Awesome!

04:45 oh, so that's where the problem lies..

Now then, as stated earlier, please refrain from the 'ooohhh, nice safety flip-flops' or 'they sound like Chipmunks' etc these are old and trite. Many of us (myself included) could not even get the thing off the back axle let alone know how to repair it.... credit where it's due...these guys are good. When the Minutemen and Topol M's have done their dastardly work in the west these guys will be up n running long before most.

'You know the thing...'

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