Texas Police Marine Unit Arrests Suspected Migrant Smuggler in Rio Grande

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Texas Highway Patrol drone operators initially observed the suspected migrant smuggler as he appeared to be guiding a group of migrants across the Rio Grande from the Mexican border city of Piedras Negras. The drone operators guided the Tactical Marine Unit members as they closed in on the suspected smuggler.

The video released by Texas DPS officials shows the airboat’s crew blocking the path of the suspected smuggler, who repeatedly attempts to avoid apprehension. At one point, the man appears frustrated and begins splashing water onto the troopers on the boat.

After circling the suspected smuggler to prevent him from fleeing back across the river, the suspect finally puts his hands on his head and surrenders to authorities. According to Texas DPS spokesperson Lieutenant Chris Olivarez, the suspected migrant smuggler now faces state criminal charges for smuggling of persons. The charge, a felony offense under Texas law, is, at a minimum, a third-degree felony and carries fines up to $10,000 and a prison term between two and ten years. Troopers identified the alleged smuggler as Jose Delgado-Zuniga — a Mexican national,

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