Two assault rifles and narcotice found after arrest of a convicted felon

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On 9/30/22, The Atlanta Proactive Enforcement and Interdiction Unit, (A.P.E.X.) conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with invalid tag information at the location of 902 Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway. Upon the stop, officers identified themselves to the driver and explained the reason for the traffic stop.

During the investigation, officers could see clear empty baggies used to package marijuana in plain view and smelled the scent of marijuana. Officers asked the driver, identified as Rodney Battle, to step out the vehicle and he was safely detained. A.P.E.X. units then requested K-9 for assistance.

Once on scene, K-9 units received a positive alert for narcotics while inspecting the exterior of the vehicle. With probable cause established, officers searched the vehicle and recovered three bottles of suspected promethazine along with military-style body armor and two assault rifles.

Mr. Battle, a confirmed convicted felon with 26 arrest cycles, was placed into custody and read his Miranda Rights. Mr. Battle was arrested and charged with Weapons Violations (possession of a firearm by a convicted felon) and was transported to the Fulton County Jail.

Thanks to our A.P.E.X. units, two high-powered assault rifles were taken off the street and out of the hands of a convicted felon. This demonstrates how detrimental traffic stops are in deterring crime. Great work to the Atlanta Police Department’s A.P.E.X. unit

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