Man overcomes leg disability to become veteran rescue diver in Vietnam

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A man born with a disability in his right leg since childhood has still persevered and become an accomplished diver and rescuer on the rivers of Vietnam.

Ho Van Tan, of Hau Giang province, lives alone on a small boat at the intersection of seven branches of the Hau Giang river, where boats frequently pass by.

For more than 40 years as a diver, Tan has saved dozens of people from drowning and saved many people's properties that were dropped in the river.

In an interview, Tan explained: “I don't have a house, only this boat. Many times, when I see a boat being sunk by waves and wind, I swim out to bring people to the shore, or dive to find property people dropped in. I do charity work, even though I don't have money, but I also have to risk this, because I only suffer alone whereas people in trouble will suffer for their whole family.

"Saving the dead in the water, people's bodies are as heavy as iron, their strength is weak, only one leg sometimes can't push people to the limit. At the intersection of this river, many boats and rafts sank, the depth of this river is 11 meters. Under water, the temperature is cold... I've been saving people on this river for 40 years. It's normal to go up and down in the water, sometimes I catch a cold."

Another person, Tran Van Kinh, commented in a later interview: “If anyone here drowns or loses property in the river, they should report Mr. Tan for help. Some people give money, some people don't.

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