Driver crashes into Sheffield Lake home after leading police chase

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A driver was taken to the hospital after investigators say they led officers on a police chase and crashed into a home in Sheffield Lake early Friday morning.

The pursuit started at about 3:44 a.m., when a Sheffield Village police officer tried to pull over a white 2014 Jeep Compass that was speeding on Abbe Road.

Investigators said the driver led the officer on a short police chase, but the officer ended the pursuit when the suspect headed into Sheffield Lake.

According to the Sheffield Village Police Department, the driver went north on Abbe Road, crossed over Lake Road onto a residential street and crashed into a home.

Police body camera video released to FOX 8 News shows serious damage to the garage as an officer approached the crashed vehicle.

The officer found the driver trapped inside. Firefighters from Sheffield Village and Sheffield Lake freed the driver, who was flown by helicopter to MetroHealth.

Investigators said the driver, an 18-year-old, was in serious but stable condition.

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