Dash camera video shows Miami-Dade chase that ended with woman jumping into lake

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Newly-released dash camera video shows an intense Miami-Dade chase that ended in a crash and water rescue.

The incident unfolded on May 9th when a woman, 27-year-old Melina Logan, went to Honda of South Miami to test drive a new Honda Civic, according to an arrest report.

Miami-Dade Police and Florida Highway Patrol responded and Logan refused to stop, leading to the pursuit, the report said.

Logan was driving recklessly and reaching speeds of around 90 mph as she traveled southbound on the Palmetto, making aggressive lane changes amid heavy traffic and using the shoulder to pass vehicles, the report said.

Dash camera video shows the Honda approach standstill traffic near the Northwest 25th Street off-ramp before crashing into several vehicles.

The car became disabled and pinned against a concrete wall, but Logan managed to get out and avoid officers, police said.

That's when a dash camera captured Logan get on top of the concrete ledge and jump off the ramp and into a lake to try to flee from authorities.

Aerial footage from Chopper 6 showed the end of the chase and the woman in the water.

Officers threw ropes for her to grab, but she refused, so several officers jumped into the lake to take her out, the report said.

During a struggle, she scratched one Miami-Dade officer and briefly pushed a Doral officer underwater, the report said.

The officers were able to eventually get her to the ledge and take her out of the water.

Logan, of North Carolina, was booked into jail on several charges including grand theft of a vehicle, two counts of battery on a police officer, fleeing and eluding police, leaving the scene of a crash, and resisting an officer.

One of the drivers suffered injuries in the crash at the end of the chase and had to be hospitalized, the report said.

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