Ohio suspect arrested by Richmond police after pursuit involving a stolen vehicle

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Richmond police helped to apprehend a suspect driving a reported stolen vehicle following a police chase that began in Dayton, Ohio.

Officers with the Richmond Police Department said officers assisted the Dayton Police Department who were pursuing an offender wanted for allegedly driving a stolen operating a stolen vehicle. RPD said that at one point during the pursuit, the suspect struck and injured one of the responding officers.

Dashcam video shows visible sparks as officers pursued the suspect and deployed stop sticks, causing the suspect’s vehicle to temporarily drive on its rims before coming to a complete stop.

Dayton police chase man into Richmond

The pursuit eventually came to an end at the 149-mile marker on Interstate 70 when officers arrested the suspect. The suspect, who police did not identify, was brought to the Montgomery County Jail.

The Dayton Police Department said the chase began Wednesday night when officers attempted to pull over a stolen vehicle operated by a known suspect who was allegedly at the center of an auto theft suppression operation monitored by law enforcement agencies.

The suspect ignored the officer’s instructions and drove away, initiating a high-speed chase that led to an officer being struck, DPD said. The officer was treated on the scene and sustained a “minor” injury, according to DPD.

The pursuit lasted around 30 minutes before eventually concluding in Indiana.

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