Well that was unexpected.

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So this guy has a Girlfriend thats 24 years old and they have started to get serious and talk about marriage and moving in together when something a little odd happened.

They had finished dinner and were having a glass of wine when the Girl told him a story from 8 years prior , when she was 16 yo.

She told him about a time when she was in a park that was next to a highway , and there was a 6 foot high stone fence/wall along that edge of the park so kids wouldn't accidentally go running out onto the highway chasing balls or whatever.

Well she was walking along the wall when she saw a rock half buried in the dirt and she decided to dig it out , and so she spent some time digging and pulling at this rock for a while until she finally got it loose.

Well now she had this 30 pound rock and she was getting ready to leave the park and she didnt just want to leave a 30 pound rock on the path as someone might trip over it and fall when it got dark.

The hole she dug it out of was filled in by now so she couldn't just put it back where she found it either , so she decided the best thing to do is to throw the rock over the wall.

First she picked the rock up and put it on top of the wall , which was a big struggle for a 16yo girl , and then when it was in position she shoved it over the wall to the other side.

As luck would have it, a Woman was driving down the highway at 60 mph when the rock smashed through her windshield, she swerved and smashed into the wall killing her.

The girl panicked and ran for home , and she never said anything to anyone about it until the moment she told her Boyfriend the story.

The Police thought the Woman had swerved to avoid a deer and hit the wall and that the rock was kicked up in the accident , they didn't think the rock had caused the accident , and they therefore never came looking for anyone who threw the rock.

And so the girl has lived with the guilt that she murdered a woman 8 years earlier ,,, She didnt intend to hurt the Woman , but she certainly didn't check to make sure it was safe to throw the rock before she did it either.

So now the Boyfriend doesn't know what he should do ,, should he go forward with the wedding plans , or should he turn her into the police ,,, he can't find any information about the accident online to even know if shes telling the truth or not .

What would you do it this situation ?

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