SAPD bodycam shows officer fatally shooting armed robbery suspect with a gun and a machete in back

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0:00 - Raw dash cam
0:03 - 911 call
0:33 - Raw body cam
1:25 - Narrative dash cam
2:41 - 911 call
3:11 - Narrative body cam
San Antonio police released body camera video Saturday that shows an officer pulling a gun and shooting a robbery suspect in the back as he was walking away.

The shooting occurred around 9:30 p.m. on Sept. 16 in the 3100 block of Roosevelt Avenue.

Police received several calls from witnesses claiming a man armed with a gun and a machete was stealing items from a Mexican restaurant’s storage.

Several employees at the restaurant told police they were chasing the suspect, identified as 46-year-old Jesus Hernandez, before he jumped a fence and went to a nearby apartment complex.

One of the employees who was pursuing Hernandez also jumped the fence and tried to catch up with him but lost sight of him.

According to police, the employee heard yelling and went to where his coworkers were again confronting Hernandez.

Hernandez was holding backpacks that belonged to some of the employees, according to SAPD. One of the employees recognized his backpack and tried to retrieve it.

Police said Hernandez then took out the machete and swung it at the employee. The employee backed away and was uninjured.

When officers arrived, Hernandez ran from them before he tripped and fell with backpacks in his hands.

Moments later, he stood up from the ground and ignored commands from police to stop and drop the machete, SAPD said.

Hernandez is seen in the body camera video walking away from officers while still carrying the machete.

An officer, identified as Joshua Bagley in a previous KSAT 12 article, then pulled a gun and shot Hernandez. Despite lifesaving measures, Hernandez died from his injuries at the scene.

After canvassing the area, officers were unable to find the gun that Hernandez had.

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