London Transport - 1947

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this is an interesting film from 1947 showing what life and London in particular was like some 75 years ago. It was from a time when London was considered as being one of the largest cities in the world (would you believe that!) anyway, it's an ethnographers dream - and dare say it's probably used as a graphic illustration of social change - which has also occurred worldwide. Whether this change has been good or bad is not the object of posting this old transport film..

It shows how things used to be.. it's interesting to note the make-up of The Board who ran the transport system, so-called 'Lords' ('Lords' being political appointees.. it's a long story) showing how at that time it was 'The Old Boy's Network' which dictated who did what and which school you attended (amongst other things like; parents and money), as mentioned, very socially interesting as is the queue which formed at some bus-stops.. when a bus arrived everyone behaved cordially and stepped in in-line. Now though it's a free-for-all. Take into account too this was made just under two years after Britain was involved in Total Warfare with great swathes of the capital and it's transport structures being bombed and destroyed.

Probably, it's more of interest to fellow rivet-counters, the cognoscenti and admirers of the genre - all others would do well to pass on this for it's probably not for you - sorry (as if!)

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