14-year-old facing multiple charges after wild Saturday night police chase in Kennewick

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A fourteen-year-old is in custody this morning after police say he led them on a wild chase Saturday night.
Kennewick Police tell us, just after 9PM, officers were dispatched on a welfare check.

According to reports, officers received information a twenty-four-year-old woman was being held against her will by a male, and that they were in a stolen white Range Rover, near the Clover Island Inn.

Officers quickly responded to the area to check for the vehicle.

Police say they were able to make contact with the Range Rover in front of the inn. They tell us upon seeing the emergency lights, the vehicle immediately started driving away.

Police say the Range Rover continued for a short while, before suddenly reversing, and ramming into the front of the pursuing patrol car.

Kennewick Police Commander, Christian Walters, says. "The suspect vehicle then fled, at which time, we deployed spikes strips, which were successful in deflating the tires on the vehicle. The vehicle did continue, and Kennewick did issue a vehicle pursuit due to the circumstances of the situation."

With two front tires off the wheels, the vehicle continued with speeds up to 60 miles-an-hour, before the vehicle finally came to a stop in the 1700 block of Gum Street.

Police say, the juvenile driver followed commands without any more incident and was booked on multiple charges, Kennewick Police say they were able to safely secure the woman.

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