No one injured after officer shoots at armed homeowner while checking panic alarm

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Two Houston police officers fired their weapons while responding to a panic alarm at a home in Kingwood, according to the department.

Police said the officer was walking outside the home at about 12:26 a.m. on Thursday in the 5500 block of August Hill Drive. That's near the East Fork of the San Jacinto River.

The officers allegedly saw a man pointing a gun at him from inside the house, so they fired into the house. No one was hit.

"Me and my friends were shooting, playing basketball last night, and I heard three gunshots and I looked up and saw flashing lights and I didn't know if there was a dispute in the house or something," neighbor Matthew Eichelsdorfer said.

Officers said the owner was asleep, and the burglary alarm may have mistakenly gone off. That's when the homeowner was walking around his home with a gun.

Neighbors say it was a miracle nobody was hit.

"It was a false alarm, but thank God nobody was hurt. It was scary at first," Eichelsdorfer said. "It seemed they had it under control, but the gunshots just happened and all the neighbors came out, and everything, luckily nobody got shot."

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