Sacramento Sheriff's release bodycam video of deputies shooting at suspect who drove towards deputy

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The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after two deputies fired their weapons Monday at a woman reportedly seen earlier with a butcher knife trying to break into a Rancho Cordova home.

The woman suffered some type of wound on her arm, but it wasn’t clear whether she was hit by gunfire. Sgt. Amar Gandhi, a Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said the woman suffered a “fairly minor” injury not considered life-threatening, and she was taken to a hospital where she was listed in stable condition.

“We’re not sure if it was a gunshot wound. We’re not sure if (it was) shrapnel from glass or maybe from the knife,” Gandhi told reporters. “The investigation is just starting right now.”

About 10:45 a.m. Monday, the Rancho Cordova Police Department was called to a home in the 2500 block of Augibi Drive. The Sheriff’s Office is contracted to have deputies provide police services for Rancho Cordova.

The deputies were called to the Augibi Drive home for a report of a woman holding a butcher knife trying to break into the home, Gandhi said. The deputies found the woman around the corner in a white Dodge Challenger in a home’s driveway in the 10000 block of Malaga Way.

The sheriff’s spokesman said the deputies attempted to make contact with the woman, then the two deputies fired their department-issued guns. He said the woman then drove away in the white car.

A deputy at the scene told dispatchers that a woman in the white Dodge Challenger tried to run over officers as she drove away from the scene, according to radio traffic shortly after the shooting.

“Shots fired. Shots fired,” the deputy told dispatchers about 10:50 a.m. “All officers okay.”

Moments later, a deputy is heard on the radio telling dispatchers that the woman did not fire gunshots at the deputies.

Gandhi said he could not provide information to confirm details about how the shooting unfolded.

Gandhi said the caller who reported the attempted break-in at the Augibi Drive home was a resident with no familiar connection to the suspect.

Deputies at the scene lost sight of the white Dodge Challenger and asked dispatchers to have someone review traffic cameras in the area as they searched for the car, according to radio traffic.

Gandhi said the deputies spotted the white car heading east on Folsom Boulvard before a short vehicle pursuit ensued. He said the woman pulled over along Folsom, just west of Mather Field Road, where she surrendered without further incident.

No deputies were injured. Gandhi said he did not know whether deputies found the woman with the butcher knife or any other weapons. He did not release any further details.

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District crews were called to the scene to provide medical treatment to the woman, Gandhi said.

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