Chopper video shows 'Kia Boys' crime spree through King County streets

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Two teens were arrested this week after a crime spree that started in Renton and ended at Southcenter Mall.

Before 4 p.m. Tuesday, two boys, ages 10 and 8, called 911 to report a passenger in a red car threatened them with a gun near Edmonds Avenue Northeast and Ferndale Avenue, investigators said. The two children were not hurt.

"[It was an] absolutely traumatic event for the kids," said Renton Police Chief Jon Schuldt.

As police responded, officers learned that a person in Renton reported their 2016 red Hyundai Sonata was stolen and about an hour later there were reports of a red sedan driving erratically along Lake Washington Boulevard.

The King County Sheriff's Office's air support, Guardian One, located the stolen car and followed it as it raced through Renton into Tukwila. It was caught on video.

According to police, the car was traveling 65 mph, crossed the center lane multiple times and drove through multiple red-light intersections.

The car then crashed into a pole at Southcenter Mall, and everyone got out and ran.

Tukwila police helped Renton officers by locating two of the teens and arrested them, but two managed to get away.

After the arrest, officers found a significant amount of marijuana with a store label on one of the suspects. Police said they called the shop and it reported about a recent theft.

The other suspects, a 14 and 15-year-old, have since been identified.

The two teens who were arrested were released back to family members, but Schuldt told Fox 13 there needs to be more accountability.

"We have laws but laws without consequences just end up being suggestions and the youth aren’t following those suggestions," Schuldt said.

Schuldt said they’re working on probable cause to charge the two teens.

They’re still investigating if the other two teens who were not arrested could be charged.

Investigators said all four teens are members of the Kia Boys.

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