Howard County police officers had to chase down 4 donkeys and mini-horses and returned them home

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Police officers received the strangest call for help Friday. An Ellicott City resident found a small herd of donkeys and mini-horses roaming in the backyard. But they didn't belong to the homeowner.

A quick call for backup from the Howard County Police Department and the critters were comically corralled after giving the responding officers a hard time. Officers had found the owner, who helped escort the four wayward animals back home on foot (and hooves).

The roaming critters needed a few snack breaks as incentives to return home, along with words of encouragement and a few scratches between the ears on the walk back home.

According to WMAR, the mischievous yet friendly animals belonged to a nearby farm. The officers' body cam footage captured the hilarious escapades and what great sports the officers were.

"I didn't have a 'tackling a mini horse' on my bingo card today," one of the officers said.

"It's bring your doggie to work day," the other officer said.

As soon as the arrived back at the animals' pasture, one donkey starts braying and the officers can be heard cracking up on video.

"I thought that was you," he jokes with the other officer.

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