Kingwood burglary suspect was armed when a Houston police officer fatally shot him in the head

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A struggle between a fleeing suspect and a Houston police officer ended with a shot fired in a Kingwood neighborhood, where the suspected burglar was killed.

Houston Police Department investigators canvassed the 2900 block of Woodland Grove Drive in the South Woodland Hills neighborhood on Friday after they said an officer responding to a break-in with two suspects discharged his service weapon.

HPD Chief Troy Finner, who spoke from the scene Friday evening, said officers received a call at 4:54 p.m. from a homeowner who was alerted by her security camera of two unknown people breaking into the back of her home.

About three minutes later, officers arrived at the home, where they encountered the pair of suspects at the backdoor. Finner said that led to the burglars taking off in different directions and an officer each giving chase.

One of the suspects jumped a few fences before an officer caught up and began struggling. Finner said the suspect displayed a weapon, leading to the officer opening fire at least one time.

The suspect was hit and later died at the scene. It wasn't immediately known if the suspect opened fire.

The other suspect was located several blocks away from the original scene and taken into custody.

The officer who opened fire sustained minor injuries.

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